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Question about crushed coral and corydoras


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I have a 10 gallon that I have a betta in. I was looking at tank mates and I've come to ember tetras and pygmy corydoras, but I have one concern. I have crushed coral topped with river stones and I'm wondering if, while they're digging through the substrate, the crushed coral could hurt their barbels. It's just a shallow layer of each so the crushed coral does show through a little bit around the river stones. If this is the case, I'll just go with malaysian trumpet snails or maybe kuhli loaches if they wouldn't have the same problem, but I'd really prefer the corydoras if ya'll don't think it'll be a problem. I'm also wondering if there may be problems with this plan that ya'll can see that I, as a new hobbyist, might not have thought about.

I do have a backup plan if the ember tetras and corydoras don't work in the tank, btw, so I'm not too concerned about that.

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