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Silver tip tetra chasing females

Linda Scott

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2 of 6 silver tip tetras being chased so much they now hide all the time, darting out at feeding. 

20 g tall planted w/ one dwarf blue gourami, one skirt tetra, one corydora (big boy), one hillstream loach, one otocinclus, one large snail.

Shall I add females or take out males for a more balanced tank?

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Who is chasing the silvertips? The best way to stop aggression is to get more fish, how awesome is that!

I would suggest to get some more skirt tetras along with corydoras (make sure you get the same breed of corydora) as they like to have their friends. 

Heres what I would do:

Get 4 more skirt tetras to make your total of 5 Skirt Tetras

Get 3 more Corydoras to make your total 4 Corydoras 

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