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Is this "traumatic" intestinal prolapse, or maybe possibly a tumor?


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Hey there everyone. So this question is about a juvenile (male) Marble Molly of mine. (he is about 9.5 months old right now)..

So - backstory and what I am 99.999% sure was the cause of this (if indeed it is prolapse) -

He was born the end of March / beginning of April last year.

At about 1 to 1.5 months old, I was netting out my then molly fry (there were 7 in total), from the floating breeder box their were hanging out in, because the box had so much algae growth, I literally couldn't see into it..AT ALL..

Anyway, this is when/how this happened/started to the best of my knowledge - during all the commotion while removing the moss and then the fry, one of the fry got 'pinned'/pinched btwn the net and the inside of the box.

Now..I have 6 tanks, have kept mostly only livebearing fish, and the temporary removal or transferring of fry is absolutely not a new thing for me. And I honestly didn't notice anything to be wrong during all of this, and I ended up just putting all 7 molly fry into the fry tank (with a TON of moss both floating and on wood), that already had about 20-30 platy and guppy fry growing out.

Again, I REALLY wasn't aware anything had happened / was wrong.

Cut to July, and I had taken out the platy and guppy fry, so the Molly fry were then in there on their own. During a water change, I noticed that one of the little guys, had a bump/lump on it's belly.

This particular one was removed from that tank, and then placed into my then just finished cycling 5 gallon tank, on it's own {{the first two pics were taken August 10th}}


This was now his home. And tbh, I didn't actually think it would live as terrible as that sounds..but, if it DID live, and if it ended up being female, I absolutely did not want to take the chance of it becoming pregnant, and even still - I did not want it to be bullied to death!


So. A bit before Christmas, it finally matured and lo-and-behold, NOT female! (lol)

Anyhow - he has been doing GREAT! Eats like a champ, gets water changes in the (same planted tank I initially isolated him in - but has 3 (1m 2f) H. Formosa in with him (and obviously fry -- third and fourth pics are him today)a20210111_015542-picsay.jpg.e8800344af2de7073d6cce9325424537.jpgd20210111_015617-picsay.jpg.fe8f2353a15d64c98643496a491d4781.jpg

Sooo IS this an intestinal prolapse? Or is this instead a tumor?

Have I done the right thing in NOT euthanizing? 

(last pic is his tank/home!)20210111_010246-picsay.jpg.ee828eee657676f9d54320a98a410c1b.jpg

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Temp: 76°F

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 40

Established / cycled about 9 months ago

*just a sidenote - this tank is (plant-wise) THE HEALTHIEST out of all my tanks*

I treated with Epsom salt baths back when I first noticed it in July last year and it actually didn't change at all 

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If the prolapse has been going on for a long time and salt baths have not worked not a lot of  options left I read in a veterinarian book they can put stitches in to help holed prolapse in place  you could continue with the salt treatment but at this point there is not more you can do

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