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Ricefish fry growth rate


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I got some medaka ricefish in September and they started breeding like crazy after just a few weeks. By my estimation, the oldest fry I have right now are about 3-4 months, and I am anxious to sell them to my LFS. However, they are only about 0.75", which seems a little on the small side for selling. I have been feeding a variety of high protein foods such as live baby brine, frozen brine shrimp, Xtreme krill flakes, and rotating in a smattering of Xtreme nano and bug bites for variety (I have a fish food problem lol)

Mainly I am wondering if others find this to be a normal growth rate or if there is something I could do to (safely) ramp things up? I know that guppies can appear "chesty" if you push it too much, and I wasn't sure if I might see a similar issue here. I see that a few stray fry in my heated tanks (80*F) are bigger than in my fry growout (69*F). Do you guys think I should add a heater? Could overcrowding be an issue? (I am happy with the water quality, but it is quite overcrowded... I'd rather not admit to a number 😅)

Just looking for some input from others. Thanks!

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Sounds normal to me, they are 2inch fish that life for a few years. They aren't a guppy with a short life span and need to grow quickly. 

Raising in a big group is good and bad.

Good - keep them from picking on each other, with their numbers itll start a feeding frenzy, and with that all the food you give them will be gone quickly.

Bad - water quality will change as they get bigger.

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At what age could your medaka start to take down / eat a baby brine? 

Mine appeared a couple days ago... but seem to small yet. ...significantly smaller than a newborn guppy.

Anyone with experience feel free to respond.

Regarding selling them... it seems that fat healthy ones start producing eggs at about .75 inches. (My blue eyed pearl medaka did).

I sure it will be up to your buyer. Once you can sex them, I would think most would be game. ...Depending on their stock levels.

Some of the thin yellow/golds that I picked up at over an inch but thin... and I haven’t seen eggs on them yet.

if you are shipping them... at about a half inch then seem to travel ok.




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