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Glue to hold Lava Rock together

Marnol D

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I am wanting to bond/glue lava rock together to make a hide/cover for my sponge filter and maybe a mountain for my shrimp. What would be the best way to do this and will normal lava rock work bought from any landscaping store? 

I was thinking hot glue to hold the rocks together but I was checking to see if it would be safe for the fish and inverts. I was also thinking maybe superglue but this would be somewhat messier than the hotglue.

Also i was going to use the superglue to attach plants to the rock.

Any advice would be helpful.


Thank you, 

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I used this product to help support my rock structures.  I only used tiny (smaller the pea sized) sized pieces at a few of the contact points between rocks so that, assuming I’m careful and use a little muscle, I can break them apart and rebuild.  I use it more for “insurance” that what I stacked/wedged/ balanced together stays put. Not all of them are stuck together with epoxy, but that way I can still rearrange some whenever I want.   




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