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Tell me about my honey gourami


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I've had my honey gourami for a month now. When I asked my pet shop to order one for me, I have to admit I was expecting a yellow fish. I really questioned if it was a female honey gourami and they told me they only get males and the order form also states males. So is my gourami one of the more wild (looking) type that have been bred? Will the fish change color with time? I was told he is 5 months at time of purchase so 6 months now.
Just give me any info on what you see. Oh and Clyde is a great little fish, not shy as they sometimes are and a joy to watch.



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James Black, I would be surprised if stressed. Always out and about pecking at plants and the log in there, greeting us at the glass. Out to eat with the others, pretty happy fish, quite lovely to watch. Pearl Gourami's are so lovely..but for sure not pearl.

Thanks everyone! 

138559891_188253549695865_3702562883096514830_n (1).jpg


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