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Would like idea for shrimp tank setup

Karen B.

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I will be purchasing a Fluval Spec V and I am looking around for setup ideas. It will be stocked with blue shrimps and maybe eventually down the road a beta. The tank is rather narrow but long. Share your setups if you please! ☺️

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I'm not sure what kind of details you're looking for, but here goes:

  • A pile of rocks, sized so the shrimp and get inside, is good to have in a shrimp tank.
  • Dense plants that provide hiding places are another one.  Java moss is one of the best, but guppy grass and pearl weed are good choices also. 
  • I like a sand substrate for shrimp, with the color determined by the variety of shrimp.  Red shrimp show up well on black substrate (I use black blasting sand in my red tank), but a much lighter sand is better for blue or black shrimp.
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