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Hello from Oslo, Norway


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First, feels really great reading a forum again! So much better than social media.

The aquarium hobby is very narrow where I live in Norway, and quite «snobbish» in a way. Its either Cichlids or those L-number catfishes. I dont enjoy fishes that either tear each other to pieces or hide all day. I have a passion for fancy goldfishes and I breed them in my appartment. Its so fascinating watch them grow up and see how they develop. The history and culture surrounding them in Asia is also really exciting to discover. I love to travel, especially in Japan - and the love for these fishes have made me discover a lot of cool places there. Just the thought that in Tokyo you can take the elevator high up in a skyscraper where they have a huge out of this world exhibition about goldfishes (ART Aquarium) is just so cool.

I have a couple of larger tanks where I keep my breeder goldfish and few smaller ones for growing fry out. I really enjoy experimenting with plants in these tanks.

- Alex



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