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GH and Columnaris


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Good Morning all. I am having an issue with Columnaris and have read that GH plays a major role in Columnaris. I have hard water ( well ) and the API 5 in 1 test shows im at the high end, 180ppm. It might be higher as it is pretty hard water.

Has anyone had issues with Columnaris that uses hard water? I'm not able to get medication so I'm hoping by adjusting temp and dosing with salt I can buy time till I can get medication delivered or purchased from Petsmart, my LFS's suck.


Tank specs below.


30 gal long running a Tidal 55 with two sponge filters (1 at each end, tidal in the middle). Temp is at 79F, working to lower to 75F in increments.

Ammonia: 0

PH: 7.5 to 8.0

KH: between 120 and 160

GH: 180 

Nitrate: between 0 and 20

Nitrite: 0


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I have extremely hard water where I'm at, around 450- 500ppm and ph 8.2 to 8.4 from the tap.  I have only seen columnaris in my fish room once or twice in the 18 years i've lived here.  It came from new fish, and I had no real hard time treating/medicating it.

Salt will definitely help, but if I remember correctly, raising the temps is actually a bad thing with Columnaris, I think ideal is 75, but sometimes that's not achievable depending on the tank/setup. It just replicates faster when it gets warmer.  

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