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Basement Nerm Returns to Hobby After 40 years

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I just decided to get back into the hobby (after close to a 40 year break since high school) and I found Cory on YouTube. I have watched a BOATLOAD of Cory videos on YouTube over the last 3-4 weeks. I have also watched "Father Fish" (he's fun and interesting character) as I am into ecosystem tanks. Over the holiday I started working on my  90 gallon planted tank. I have made my own dirt base with a fine sand over the top to keep everything down. I've got my hard scape done but am waiting on getting a laundry sink installed in my basement where my tank is. It's been lots of fun getting acquainted with the hobby and thanks to Cory I have learned a LOT. I am placing an order this evening for several items I need as my way of giving back for all the great help you've been Cory. Reciprocity!

I admire your patience to do things right vs. fast and taking the high ground. It's very appealing and made me want to purchase from you guys and give back to you as well. I'm getting a medium sponge filter - so excited about the slightly larger hole size and the closed bottom you make special. Love the innovation. I will also be hot-rodding my filer with an extra sponge and bio rings as well!

Thanks for all you do for the bobby

Basement Nerm

Bethlehem, PA, USA

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