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Hey, So I recently upgraded to a 30g high tank from my old 15g.. It was fully cycled and has been running with fish for about 2 moths now. I currently have 3 adult Mollies, 4 juveniles and one fry in a box. (I also have a seperate grow out tank for excess babies which I can then bring to the store.) I'm starting to get an algae build up because, due to living in a tiny apartment, the tank gets partial sunlight for an hour or two a day. I've been doing research and I'm thinking of adding a hillstream loach and some cherry shrimp to help. I'd probably add the shrimp first, then see how it goes before adding the loach.

I currently have a hodgepodge of equipment on the tank. Two Whisper 10 filters and a Med. Aquarium Co-op sponge filter. I do a 5gal water change about once a week and add easy green twice a week for my plants. All this usually keeps my nitrates around 30ppm. Would more fish/shrimp be too much to add to the bio load of the tank? My Mollies are little poop machines and I don't want to have ammonia spikes that kill them all.

Also, I've heard conflicting things about water hardness and hillstream loaches. Mollies and shrimp like it hard, so I run crushed coral in my tanks. Some people say hard water kills hillstream loaches, but others have said it encourages them to breed. What kind of water have you kept yours in? 

Thanks for your advise guys, appreciate the help!

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