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Super Red Ancistrus EMBRYOS


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So here are some pictures of my Super Red pair. Male is short fin and female is long fin. I usually get about 75% long fins which leads me to believe that my female is Aa for the long fin gene, assuming that the long fin is a dominant Mendelian trait (the male is aa recessive for short fin).




I've been photographing the eggs for the past few days:


This photo is 12 hours after fertilization.


This photo is 4 days after fertilization.

You can see their eyes and tiny heads attached to the yolk sack inside the egg!!!

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7 hours ago, Solidus1833 said:

Very neat photos! Have you been successful with the fry? Or is this the first batch of eggs? 

This is my fourth or fifth batch with this couple (I've bred other types of ancistrus in the past). The first batch was successful and the next three or four after got eaten by Planaria in a Planaria infested tank. They hitchhiked in on some plants and bred out of control because of over feeding. I've since torn down that tank and transferred this pair to their new tank (all plants have had planaria treatment).


In the new tank it's easier to photograph the eggs as the cave is placed close to the glass.

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