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@JoesneedI had bba early on in my new tank. It especially seemed to like the windlove java fern. I did a lot of reading about it and, because I have some nice val that is thriving, I was reluctant to use carbon after learning that it might be hard on the val. So I got some Amano Shrimp, which promptly disappeared through the Stargate. (see photo)

The pond snails and reticulated hillstream loach were doing a great job on all the other algae in the tank but the bba was increasing. Finally, I did three things: I started using Easy Green (I had already been doing Root Tabs); I cut way back on the lights - they had been on around twelve hours a day and I cut them back to nine; and I cut back on the fish food since I realized I may have been making that typical newbie mistake. I also removed some of the most affected windlove, partly because I didn’t really care for the way it looks anyway.

That seems to have done the trick. Through all of this my water numbers have been stable and the tank nicely balanced; the plants are happy and growing, and my fish are, too. There is still a tiny bit of bba but it is not increasing so I have declared a truce for now. I seem to have been very lucky and found a good lights/nutrient balance.  I also now have a few Amano (I actually saw one yesterday!)  and ten cherry shrimp to help with cleanup. So whether it’s the balance or the shrimp I don’t know but it’s working. I hope you are successful in your bba adventure!



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I can recommend the Easy Carbon dosing directly to the BBA if it is centralized somewhere - I had some on two anubias leaves that get too much light. Turned the filter and any flow off, squirted it directly onto the leaves itself like the video, and boom, within a day or so it was dying back. That combined with daily normal dosing of Easy Carbon and a touch less lighting period, it hasn't come back.

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