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Catappa leaves in planted tanks.

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1 minute ago, Jennifer V said:

Planning on adding shrimp -- maybe cherry, probably amano. Are leaves a must-have or just good for extra fun? 

If you want to breed shrimp you want them to have tons of food. That means target feeding them somehow. I use pelleted shrimp food, and then a few leaves for insurance. Also they like alder cones and cholla wood. It gives them extra food between feedings and is ideal for vacation feeding, if you are away, because it won't foul the water. It is also the ONLY food I can put in with my insanely greedy betta, who will otherwise eat the shrimp food himself. His tank mates don't breed really. Not enough food gets by him.

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1 hour ago, JettsPapa said:

I've never tried them, but I have a Magnolia tree in my yard and I use its leaves instead.  They'll be down to just stem and veins in just a few weeks after being put in a well populated shrimp tank.

I really like magnolia leaves. Not as much tannin, but last a lot longer

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1 hour ago, TankedUp said:

Ok sounds like the only reason for these in a planted tank is for shrimp. I don't have shrimp.

I have many fish like my Apistogramma and pygmy sunfish who like to hide under leaves or use them for refuge. I don't have any shrimp in the angelfish tank in the photo above, I just added the leaves as a form of mellow water conditioning.

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