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Hydra, are they bad or part of the ecosystem

Logan Kendrick

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Hey aquarium people I have a question about hydra, specifically green hydra. As someone newer to planted aquariums I have come to find my first tank that has a large number of green hydra in it. As with many other things, the internet will tell me that they must be pure evil and to get them out ASAP. But I have learned from Cory’s videos that many of these small creatures in our tanks might not be that bad and could be good for the ecosystem. 

So what’s your opinion or experience with hydra? At this time they don’t bother me I just want to learn more about them. 

A little about the tank. 20g guppy breeding tank with lots of fry, snails, and two amano shrimp. Dirt with sand cap, planted and a small amount of wood. Tested weekly with no issues and water changed as needed every week to ten days. I also feed baby brine shrimp multiple times a week which I have come to learn the hydra love to eat too. 


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People were afraid of hydra long before the internet. But in my opinion they are harmless to your fish and even your fry. They can do some serious damage to daphnia, I would prefer not to have them in my daphnia tanks. I get them also in tanks that get a lot of baby brine shrimp. All the little hydras just turn orange after a big feast. Overall they are pretty cool.

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