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Adding to 10 Gallon


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My 10’gallon has been running now for about 4 months...I have one live plant in it do 25% water changes every 2 weeks cleaning the filters in water ( just using the 10 gallon Aqueon kit with hang on filter) and a gravel vac with water change at least 60% every month.

I have 2 Molly’s 2 small guppies 2 red eye tetra’s and 2 zebra snails every one gets along in the tank i would like to add one more red eye tetra and another live plant.

Is this too much what do you guys think?

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I think rehoming the red eye tetras would be a better option, as they are somewhat sizable tetras and do best in a school of five to six or more. These tetras also tend to be on the active side as well. The size of the tank would be an issue for them. Unless you planned on upgrading in the future maybe. 
I think a smaller tetra could be better for your setup. 

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