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Downsizing Advice Needed


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I need less tanks. 


10 Gal with Shrimp and 2 Mystery Snails. Sand Substrate.

20 Gal High with 5 Mystery Snails only. Eco Substrate.

29 Gal with 10 Green Cory's, 10 Pygmy Corys, and 4 Mystery Snails. Sand Substrate.

20 Gal Long with 6 Guppies. Eco Substrate.

5 Gal Hospital tanks with only baby mytery's in it. 

Here is what I'm thinking:

20 Gal Long with 10 Green Cory's and Guppies.  Sand Substrate.

20 Gal High with Shrimp and 10 Pygmy Corys, Eco Substrate.

Replace and sell the 29 with the 20.

Sell the 10 and keep the 5.

Scatter the snails in the two tanks. 


Your opinions and advice are welcome!




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UPDATE 1/18/2021. Just downsized from 29 to 20 with Cory Cats. Here is what I did. 

I had the new tank ready to go (Painted the back last week) and 3 of those 5 gallon buckets. I also use RO water for everything as my city water is sketchy. So all parameters are same. Drained some of the water into the first bucket. Caught the Cory's and put them in a bucket with the water. Added one sponge filter from the tank (I have two in there). More water into the second bucket with the other sponge filter, plants and decor, etc. Emptied the 29 gal tank and moved it aside. Put up the 20 long. Added the rinsed pool sand. Added RO water. While adding water I added Fritz Complete, Easy Green, Iron and carbon for the plants from AqCoop. Also put in the heater and turned it on to start warming. Added some Prime and safe, along with Equilibrium, just in case. Put in the sponge and a new HOB filter. Put in the plants. let it sit for 30 minutes, turned off the lights and added the Corys back.

No deaths. 

Anyone wanna buy a 29 Gal?

Phase 2 moving the shrimp to the 20 Tall to begin today. 

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