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Betta Disease Diagnosis

Ben C.

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Hello all! Unfortunately my betta buddy has come down with a fast acting disease that he's not recovering from and is declining quickly. First visible symptoms appeared with a couple raised scales Tuesday night (still ate though), and overnight it developed into a large open wound/sore. I began treatment on Wednesday with Maracyn and Paracleanse, and while the sore has not changed since then, he is noticeably weaker.

Some details on the fish and tank itself:

Male Betta, approximately 1.5 years old, had him for almost a year. In this tank for 6 months (proved he was not a community fish...)


Tank: 5.5 gallons, established 6 months

Tankmates: ..snails.

Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate: 0/0/5

pH: 7.4

Temp: 78 

Hardness/kH: unknown, but the water in my area is known to be hard.

Only thing I can think is I did a 50% water change this Saturday and gravel vac'd which did stir up quite a bit of detritus in his tank. Normally I weekly only top off or do a small water change with no siphon, around 10-20% as his tank rarely builds up nitrate. I really hope I didn't kill my buddy, he's my first fish...

Picture is the current state of him. Slow, labored breathing, and resting in the roots at the top. Any help would be great, even if it helps me save the next one. Thanks! 





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