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clown killis in shoe box


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can I keep and breed them in a large plastic storage containers(6-12 quarts)? or should I just breed them in there and keep them in a 5 or 10 gallon 

I want to try some new fish but I don't want to rehome any I have currently and I'm on a very low budget(because of my reef tank) so I want to try breeding something and I don't want to do guppies if not could I do cherry shrimp anything else that could potentially live in a  large plastic storage containers?

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The material of the container is not important (unless it is toxic--Like lead/copper bins, and very occaisionally plastic contains some weird stuff for mildew and bacteria inhibition) The volume of the container is important. We use glass and acrylic for tanks because we can see thru it. 

Here in the US I find it is often cheaper to get a tank than the alternatives, unless you have something on hand that is free. 5 gallon buckets might be the exception, but the vertical shape is not ideal for active fish. 

6-12qts is only 1.5-3 gallons. I would go with shrimp.

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