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Anyone have a Fluval Edge?

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I did... broke it trying to cut the top off to make it a regular rimless tank. How annoying that top is to work with really ruins the enjoyment of the design.

The lights weren't fantastic either, especially the original one that used halogen bulbs. Eventually the whole unit died but I never tried the newer LED version. I don't think they're very high light.

The top cover had a metal screen that rusted out mine. I replaced that with a plastic one I had 3D printed, it was cool but ultimately not worth the $40ish to have that made.

The filter was actually one of the best things about the tank because it's an Aquaclear, not much to go wrong there and no gimmicks to speak of.

I came to the conclusion that the tank, as is out of the box, is best as a shrimp tank. The closed top is bad for bettas, they can learn to come to the middle for air, but then they have to deal with the filter outflow. Can't really do anything schooling properly in a tank that small. Maybe a few guppies? I really don't know... The tank is just such a bad overall design, complete form over function. the 12 gallon version isn't any better because it's just taller... which helps none of these problems at all. I've seen pictures of a 20 gallon long type of fluval edge that I guess never made it to production? That would have been interesting I think.

I'd just recommend not getting this tank. It's just not worth the hassle, is incredibly limited, and fluval's current production gimmick-kits are all better from what I can tell.

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Yeah, if you search "20 gallon Fluval Edge" these two pictures come up. I've never seen this tank in person. I don't think it was ever anything more than a prototype or a custom build, which is a shame because it pretty well mitigates all the problems the smaller versions had



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