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Custom aquarium stand


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Just wanted to share my hand made aquarium stand. Made it myself in about 2 hours starting from rough lumber, then milling the pieces, onto assembling, and finally finishing it including sanding and painting the plywood top, as well as sanding and poly coated the entire build. I work in a woodshop and did this on my break over a couple of days. I made this specifically for viewing while laying/sitting on the floor 🙂 nothing special but it is made from dark walnut 



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9 hours ago, Paul_Obermiller said:

It looks good, are you going to put boards around the bottom or just leave it open?

Thanks bud! I'm thinking of making some panels out of some dark walnut wallboard to go on the bottom to act as a shelf, and also thinking of doing the same for the sides, attaching them with magnets for easy removal 🙂

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