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Pokey Has a New Home

L.W. Wetarm

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Until recently my only tank was a 60 gallon  N. Brichardi species only tank. To say it’s a tough neighborhood is an understatement. Way back in October, I asked a question about how to re- introduce a bullied fish back into the general population.   The  rest of the story...https://forum.aquariumcoop.com/topic/2389-re-introducing-a-bullied-fish/    

I tried on two occasions to try to get  Pokey out of the recuperation tank and back home with his buds. Each time the Brichardi “rat pack” went after him like an enemy from the old neighborhood. None of the excellent suggestions from the other members were practical for my situation , so he just lived in a little bare bottom 10 gallon with nothing but a heater and a sponge filter... off in a corner with little attention beyond food a water top off. I felt really bad about the situation so I started another tank with him in mind. 

It is my intention to do something out of the ordinary with this new 29 gallon. I’m looking for more of a planted tank with corys and neons and things like that. I’m seriously hoping that little Pokey is still on the timid side and if the only Tanganyikan cichlid he won’t be anymore unruly than maybe an Angel or  Gorami .  

Anyway, a couple of nights ago I got my plants planted and cycle going so I decided it was time to move Pokey. Since he hadn’t had a light in a while, I did it as the light was going into sunset mode. He immediately found a hidy hole in the rocks but within a quarter hour he was out investigating his new home. I warmed my heart almost to the point of tears. Made me think of a shelter dog that gets adopted to a beautiful backyard. 




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