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75 Gallon losing battle.

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I have a low tech 75 gallon with 2 hygger lights. I run a canister and a sponge filter. I have some cambombas, buce, Anubus, moss balls, crypt, Helanthium Bolivianum Aquatic and Hygrophila Siamensis Aquatic for plants.

I was using Co-ops easy green and was getting some BBA another forum told me to use Tropica specialized nutrition as is adds some nutrients to help. I tried excel for a few weeks and it didn't kill anything. 

I soaked everything that wasn't a plant in peroxide and it went away for probably 1 or 2 months. It's not back and worse. I also have a lot of brown algae and green spots on my plant leaves ect. I'm actually lost on why I'm getting the BBA and other crap. This is the biggest tank I've owned and never had an issue..

If it helps my bio load isn't very big, I have 10 red neon eyed rainbow fish, 7 Rummy nose, 12 chili rasboras, 4 Clow killis and a bunch of shrimp. I'm lost..


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2 hours ago, lefty o said:

for me, BBA has always been from long term too much light. since you are running 2 lights for 8 hrs a day, my first reaction would be to run 1 for 8hrs. if you really want more light for viewing, sneak back up on the hours you run the 2nd light.

I'll just leave one off for a few weeks and see how it goes. 

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