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Betta Eye Damage


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Hi everyone, I was rescaping my tank today and had to move my betta into a plastic bag during that. During that time I think he might've hurt himself on the plastic, or the net as his left eye seems to be clouded up. I probably caught it fairly early, I dosed some bacteria in a bottle, and re-installed a filter on the tank to keep the water clean. The water has a slightly cloudy colouring to it, probably from the new substrate. He's acting fairly normal, but a bit more cautious of everything. My parameters are:

Ammonia: .5 ppm (I'm hoping it'll go down, the plants and bacteria might've taken care of it by the time your reading this)

Nitrite: 0 ppm

Nitrate: 10 ppm

pH: 7.2-7.4

gH: 300

kH: 180

The substrate is a mixture of organic potting mix and Fluval Stratum, heavily planted. 





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If it seems like it was damaged in the shuffle, I wouldn't do much of anything except make sure that the water is clean.   If you changed the water after you re-scaped then maybe a little salt couldn't hurt, but I'd worry that changing things too much is just gonna stress the fish.  He's probably cautious because you just rearranged his living space. In my opinion I'd keep an eye on it and make sure water parameters aren't getting bad.

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