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Black water tank

Ramba Bamba

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Pretty much my water. Looks great with tannins, no risk of low pH issues lol. Don’t expect meaningful drops in pH.

I also ran the setup with pure RO water and didn’t notice any meaningful differences, but it was a LOT more work to do changes.





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I collected 5 gallons of rain water in a bucket today in about 30 minutes. I plan to give it a try too this winter. Should be easy as long as the weather cooperates. My PH is around 8.0 too. I'll just store a few buckets worth.

May see if I can get some breeding going.

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8 hours ago, MickS77 said:

I have hard tap water as well. I don't worry about it and just focus on aesthetics, the Tetras do fine in hard water. I have Lemon, Pristella, Flame, Redeye, and Serpae Tetras in the tank.  



Great tank

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