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Shipping problems

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Hi all.  I am relatively new to all this fish keeping business, but am enjoying it immensley!  but I do seem to have a problem getting fish shipped to me.  I received an order today, with 8 guppies and 10 shrimp.  order shipped out on Monday, and arrived here today (Wed).  I picked the package up myself at the post office. the box was quite warm when I picked it up, and on the ride home I realized that something smelled rank in the car.  when I opened the box the smell was awful!  everything was dead, and starting to decompose.  the packageing was good, heat pack still warm and as I said, the time was not out of the norm.  Shipper has a good reputation, and I'm sure we will work something out, and I know this was probably not their fault, but I am wondering what could have happened?

I should add that about a month ago, I ordered fish off ebay, and they got 'lost' in the mail sort of.  spent 7 days to get here.  all were dead (but not decomposing).  I put that off to the time in shipping, and the fact that the box was not labeled as live fish or fragile, and determined that I had best stay away from ebay and stick to a well recommended dealer. Again, I'm not upset with the shipper, just trying to figure out what could have happened to my poor fish on the way here.  


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Update.  I have heard from the shipper, and it seems it was a problem with a new heat pack they were using which was way to hot.  Poor babies probably died very quickly.  I will be receiving a new shipment next week.  I am so glad that I know what the issue was, and that shipping should be fine.  especially since there is no good LFS near me, and I am not going out anywhere, so will not be driving the hour or so to visit one.  thank goodness for online.

Everyone enjoy your fish, and stay safe!

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