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Hello, my name is William, everyone calls me Will Billy tho. Im from Clarksville, TN. I’m sorta new to the hobby. My older brother who raised me was big into the hobby when i was a kid and he got me my first 10 gallon. He taught me how to care for my pet fish and showed me the ropes so to speak. Fast forward 20 years later i just got back into the hobby about 6 months ago with a 55 gallon nano tank. I love nano fish, but i wanted a big nano tank so i could have more of them swimming around. I have a typical nano tank with harlequin rasbora, neons ( one of my favorites ) guppies, cory cats, otto cats, and mystery snails. However my centerpiece fish are 2 golden dojo loaches. I know bottom feeders for a centerpiece is a little unusual but I love my dojo’s. Hands down my favorite fish of all time. Ive named them Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Bob. Ive trained them to eat bottom feeder pellets from my hand, and they will even let me pet them while doing water changes. Im not joking either my wife freaked out a bit when Bob let my 4 year old daughter reach in and gently grab and hold him. I was stunned as he laid there while she held him and then when he had enough he swam off. So cool. Anyway im rambling a bit. Here is a pic of supercali below. Bob was a bit camera shy at the time. Glad to be a part of this forum and glad i found aquarium co-op. I love Corey’s videos and the plants and supplies. See you guys around


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