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Hello everyone! I am so glad I finally figured out how to find the forum! I am a new member of aquarium co-op however fish have been an intricate part of my life on and off. my very first "aquarium" that I had was when I was 9 my mom got me some sea monkeys, I was so excited about them and just as they got bigger to where I could see them my mom accidentally knocked over the little container 😂 I was devastated however we lived in a swampy area and I happened to find small shrimp back in the swamp and put them in my sea monkeys aquarium. We moved A LOT while I was growing up so I would always end up getting an aquarium and having to rehome them quite soon after however that did not deter me. My mom thought she knew everything about aquariums so it led to a lot of my fish sadly passing away (she had never kept an aquarium in her life before I was 9 and got those sea monkeys) but I was learning even if she wasn't lol. Now that I am in my own home and happily married I can finally have fish and care for them properly which brings me great joy!  Finding aquarium co-op on YouTube was a huge blessing and an even greater blessing was finding out they were 20 minutes away from me! Finally a reason to like Washington. 😂 I currently have 4 aquariums of my own and a mini pond on my deck, my husband just recently got his very first aquarium for his desk which has gotten me all excited! I have plans for extensions to my hobby but trying to hold off a little bit since I'm currently pregnant with our first and man does that slow down my water changes 😂 Happy to meet everyone and can't wait to get to know everyone!

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