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African dwarf frog


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Hello all. I've had african dwarf frogs for a little over a year. Love them. There seems to be very little known about them. I had 4 in a 5.5. Gallon tank. I researched the likelihood of breeding and everything I read seemed that even if they did breed, the chances of actually rearing any tadpoles was nil. Whatever I did, I did right because these guys breed nearly every night. I soon had 10. I moved them into the next size up I could fit on the dresser and they are now in a 10 gallon tank. Careful with the bioload, I did water changes weekly of 25%. I started doing 50% every two weeks and they seemed to really flourish. I developed insuforia which I have read to understand means a good healthy tank. And it's been that way about a year. (I now live feed my skirts the tadpoles I inevitably get every week.) So: 

10 frogs. 10 gallon tank. Heater between 73 and 75. Filtered with the topfin filter that came with the tank with two carbon filters in it. Three large live plants. Ph is 7.0/7.2 (apI test kit - can't decide which color is closest) ammonia is 0ppm nitrite is 0ppm nitrate is 40 ppm. Last water change was 5 days ago. This is the reading I just did. 

I recently noticed two of my frogs, males, were shedding in sections rather than the whole "suit". Which prompted the water change. They eventually lost the pieces and seem fine. Everyone is healthy and active. 

Until today. Pip, my oldest male, my absolute favorite of course, has always been very laid back and generally hides out in a log all day. I found him this afternoon, in the breeder net*. In! Ive no idea how he pulled it off. I have never had an issue with any of my guys trying to jump out either. Thank god he did, as I could see he appears to have a fungus. He had a streak down the center of his back and some on the side of his face and a little on his back "knee". I usually put a sprinkle of Paraguard after they breed in hopes of not contracting anything from the infertile eggs. Has always worked. Didn't do it this last water change. 

So he is now in QT in a methylene blue bath with two tiny chunks of salt. But I am now struck as to how he even got a fungus. Tank is clean. Readings are correct. They are fed with pellets, frozen blood worms and live daphnia. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how he got a fungus? 

**I am using a breeding net at the moment to get 3 frogs for a friend's tank.

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