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Twinstar Algae Inhibitor - worth it?

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Anyone have any experience with the Twinstar Algae Inhibitor?  I am in the planning stages for my first aquascape aquarium (looking at doing a 20 gallon). I've read some about these and it seems like if you're going to use it you will find the best results if used right at tank start up as it's designed to be an inhibitor, not necessarily kill all the algae that has already grown in the tank. $120 or so isn't cheap, but time is money and if it means doing less scrubbing of the green garbage that could be worth it. 


And the second thought I had was I was going to try keeping shrimp for the first time (probably Amano or another easier care neocaridina).  These guys will still have biofilm and stuff to feed off of, right?  I'm fine feeding them but I know algae is a good food source for them as well.

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Twinstar algae inhibitor isn't worth spending 120$. I personally didn't try it but few friend did try it and all in all it's fancy and more pricey way to do same thing 10$ air pump would do or to be more precise few milliliters of hydrogen peroxide daily would do plus you need to keep buying new disks every now and then.

Nothing will prevent algae if you have too much light or organics etc.

Soo better spend that money for co2, soil or some other equipment and balance your tank. All tanks have some algae at a start but with time and balance it will go away.

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