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Aqueon 7.5 for guppies?


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Hello there!

I am a total newbie to the hobby ,

Last week I purchased this tank its been running for a week now with some easy plants that seams to be doing ok , added bacteria, and the substrate that came with the kit some rocks and so far its lots of fun!! 

In the long run if the water conditions are good and plants are good do you think that I could host some guppies in that size tank ?  

I love guppies but that's all the space I can have in my apartment ,

if not please give me suggestions to other beginner fish that is not a beta that s  can fit in the that tank  (nothing against beta just not feeling it )  


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Oh, yeah, if you get guppies, get all one sex. They will fill that tank up with babies in no time if you have both.

You might want to do a little research in some of the nano fish. Here's a recent Aquarium Co-op video that highlights a few of them:


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