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Have farm raised Tiger Barbs turned into terror fish?


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I've had 13 green tiger barbs since October. I realize that's not very long - lol. After quarantine, I moved them into a 20 gallon long. They have grown a lot during that time and definitely have much more rambunctious personalities than say, guppies. But they are all still alive, so far. They don't fight alllll the time. They do short chases and little tussles, I'd call them. But over all, they are very fun to watch and have been easy to keep. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the reply. It concerns me that this person is giving Tiger Barbs a bad rap and many beginners may avoid this very cool fish. I hate when people pass on mis-information.

I am setting up a 75 gallon tank and plan on getting 20-30 Tiger Barbs. I fully understand their temperament, I want a very active tank. I never heard of Tiger Barbs killing each other off. 

I also plan on a group of Serpae Tetra and a Rainbow shark. 


Thanks for the replies...


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