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New planted tank questions

Lee Friedmann

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I converted my existing 55 gallon Cichlid tank over to a planted tank this past weekend.

I ordered all my plants from aquarium coop and they arrived in great condition. (4 types of anubias, java fern, windelov java fern, and dwarf sagittaria.)  More plants will be added, just not sure what I want to add yet.

Here are my questions

1) How soon after planting should I start fertilizing my plants?

2) I am using a fluval 3.0 lamp and am starting out at 50% output.  (2 hour sunrise, 8 hour day time, 2 hour sunset). Planning to increase the percentage every couple of weeks until I reach 75-80%.  Is that a good percentage to stop at?  

3) What order should I bring in my fish? (Cardinal Tetra, Rummy Nose Tetra, Pearl and Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami, Cory Cats, bristle nose placo, snails, and shrimp) Not sure a what point to bring in the algae eaters.

4) Can the first group of fish I purchase go directly into the tank, or should I quarantine first?

5) How long should fish be quarantined?  I have read 2, 4 and even 6 weeks

6) Should snails and shrimp be quarantined? If yes, what should I feed them?

7) If a fish gets sick once in the tank, is it safe to medicate with plants in the tank, or place the sick fish into a hospital tank and medicate?


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I can answer some of the question but not all of them

1) I start to fertilize the very first week I get them, and I have had no problems

3) I would put the gouramis in last as they are most aggressive. If you are feeding your algae eaters it shouldn't be an issue

4) This seems like a mixed topic on the internet, but I don't quarintine my first batch of fish. All though if there is a illness outbreak remove the fish from the display tank to the QT tank to treat,

5) I quarintine fish for 4 weeks, and I have had no problems, but the longer your QT process is the safer

6) Yes, you can feed them repashy, special shrimp pellets, cucumber, zuchinni

7) it depends on what meds your treating with some are plant safe and some aren't. Usaully I don't risk it and just medicate in a totally other tank with 0 plants.


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