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51 minutes ago, Cory said:

In my opinion there is only an upside to using a UV sterilizer.  One day I want to design one that is more aquarium specific. Too often it's pond sterilizers adapted to aquariums.

@Cory, if you ever do design one please make it snail proof.  I have lost a few where I snail crawled into it and died, then causing the whole bulb to go out.  Sometimes they just seem to get past the small intake sponge. 

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I have used one continuously for close to a year now. I got it initially to combat some green water and kept using it as I saw some people saying it's helpful for neons with NTD. (not curing but limiting the spread and slowing the impact) I got the green killing machine. I'll be curious to take it apart when the bulb dies to see how it works.

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