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SEO/Web Dev By Day, Nano Tank Addiction By Night

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Hello friends,

My name is Zack and I am a new nano tank addict. I work as an SEO Consultant from home and have watched aqua scaping vids forever. The pandemic slowed my work in travel down a bit, so I used the time and bought my first nano tank. I have some black panda dumbo guppies along with some cherry shrimp and ramshorn snails in my 10g Dennerle scaper's tank and will have some tub guppies in the summer. I followed Cory before I had a tank and pretty much buy anything tank needed from them. 

I am excited to learn from and interact the pros. 




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Also a fellow IT nerd, I am currently developing a .NET application for a client. The best thing is watching your tank as you wait for unit tests to finish running! Sadly I don't have space for a home office tank at the moment but it's certainly in my future.

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It's cool to meet someone who balances a passion for SEO and nano tanks! Your setup with black panda dumbo guppies, cherry shrimp, and ramshorn snails sounds fantastic. It's amazing how hobbies like aquascaping can provide such a refreshing contrast to our professional lives.
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