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Amano shrimp berried time frame?

Ryan F

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I'm not sure this is the best forum for this question. I couldn't find info online and what I did find is counter to what I'm seeing so I thought I would ask.

How long to amanos stay berried? After their last molt two of my amanos are heavy with eggs...can hardly swim. They are both quite large almost 2" nose to tailfin. What I read online says they only hold their eggs for 4-5 days, but both have been carrying them for over a week. pushing 2 weeks. Since they aren't in a brackish water will they not release and just reabsorb the eggs or what's going to happen? Should I add a weco wonder shell after this to help them recoup lost resources?

I obviously realize that amanos will not successfully breed without some super complicated brackish/salt water setup. I'm just curious if I just need to wait this out of if I need to address it somehow or expect that these shrimp will not be long for this world.

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