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White/grey fuzz on Betta


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D34E9040-3CF0-4900-A131-8063154C42FE.jpeg.6dd1fd6b9def3fdedc6d64e94f5c8e4e.jpegCurrently on day 2 of Maracyn treatment in 2 quart quarantine tank for crowntail betta about two years old. White fuzz developed quickly after we noticed a piece of his tail fin was gone over a week ago. Tried saltwater baths a few days apart for 30 minutes in 1 tbsp per 2 gallons Concentration but didn’t seem to help. His other fins look to have damage now too. He won’t eat. Hoping it’s not too late. Beautiful fish in his day. Any suggestions would be appreciated. PH is 7.0 0 pneumonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrite. Daily water changes. 


Day 4 another chunk of his tail came off and still not eating but still alive. On day 2 Added 1 tbsp of salt per gallon concentration to his quarantine tank along with Maracyn. 



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