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Can anyone identify the illness


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This poor fellow was hiding in my decor and I found him today. I have him quarantined with salt. Can anyone identify this illness? It looks like a fungus to me. 

 My tank has been set up more than a year and is 78 degrees. Other fish are healthy. 

I would love any fish disease book recommendations to add to the library. 





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Updated photos with quarantine bowl
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Thanks , I just read the blog Post on aquarium Co-op. It said Maricin, ich x, and salt. 


If your fish has a white- or gray-colored growth on its mouth or body, it could have a fungal infection. Fungal outbreaks are...

 Think I should do salt for a week or hit one of the two meds first in the quarantine tank? Currently I have 1 tablespoon per gallon of salt in with the fish. 

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Well the poor little guy died. The fungus grew rapidly in size even with the meds and salt. I even had some java moss in the quarantine bowl with him. I guess his hiding with the illness caused me to miss the window to treat the issue. 


I would still like to know what happened to him in the main tank as all the other fish are healthy. I did a big water change on the main tank, cleaned the filter (rinsed sponges in removed water) and vacuumed the loose detritus on the gravel but did not disturb the gravel very much. I didn't want to disturb the tanks digestion capacity for its bio load. (last time I cleaned the gravel very well and changed water I lost my only sail fin molly after). 

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