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CO2 fluval kit? And CO2 advice please!

Karen B.

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I know nothing about CO2 so I figured I should start with an « all included » kit... minus the solenoid (Fluval people said to use less CO2 but let it run all the time).

I want to use CO2 mostly to control algea. I don’t want pest snails (even if they do an amazing job!)D1EE5A37-2D4F-45CC-9028-F948B2E08D53.png.a8f495afe1b821d319619a0665f4743c.png

My nerite are mostly on the glasses. So any advice, tips? I know the fluval kit is more expensive but it allows me to orders the canisters (don’t have a car to go fill it up), etc. 

plus, the CO2 checker from Fluval is hideous. Can I buy the pretty glass one? Same with its diffuser, can I get a prettier one or will it change how the kit perform?

Thank you!

20 gallons high, cycled, planted (for 2 weeks), 2 nerita, 8 cory, 8 hours of light (Nicrew Skyled), ph 7,4, 0/0/15, Gh 9, kh 4, temp 76


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You can also add Seachem Flourish Excel (which will by the way also help with the algae).

I have used a different diffuser with the Fluval CO2 system and it worked just fine. If you are buying that kit would recommend getting a different bubble counter too. You can buy a good diffuser/bubble counter /check-valve combo to "hot-rod" your kit.

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It should work with any diffuser or bubble counter and the drop checker is a completely separate thing so any will work with it.

Also the co2 canisters are a standard threading used in some air/paintball pistols as well as I believe isi canisters so you can get non fluval branded cartridges for less money. 

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