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Fish Background Sheet for LFS


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In the most recent live stream, Cory talked a lot about how we don’t know the medical history of our fish. I think that if we’re going to be breeding fish and bringing them to our LFS, it’s a good idea to give them that medical history (and other background info) when we drop our fish off. (Cory talks about that too in his breeding for profit series.)

I thought I’d share the sheet I used when I dropped off my first batch of baby honeys in case it’s helpful to anyone else as a template.


Date of dropoff My Name My phone number myemail@gmail.com Delivery to: _Local Fish Store Name_ Town, State Item 1: Honey Gouramis (3) Date of birth: 8/30/20 Genders: 2 male, 1 female (best guess) Foods: BBS...

I’m not sure how much of it they owner read or really needed but at least it was there if he wanted it.

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Yes, we have files. I have encouraged forum members to use this as a place to share files (public domain of course). There are entire old aquarium books and magazines there, and well as research papers too.

I have also encouraged forum members not to upload photos and videos there as it would quickly eat up the available space.

Google drive the way you have used it is good because then the format of the file doesn't matter. I think most of what I have uploaded to files has been PDFs because everyone can open a PDF.

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