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Getting new plants online ,how to prepare for them

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Hey guys ,I am getting some plants through a shipment, unfortunately not from the co-op,as they won't ship to India:(

Anyways I just need some help so as to know ,how do I prepare for them ,what do I need to do when they show up at my door front 

Sorry,this may seem like a noob questions,but please it's my very first time 


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I just unpack them, remove anything damaged and plop them in the tank. If you don't want snails added to your tank there are additional steps necessary, but I like the snails so I don't bother doing any of that. I just unwrap them, cut off anything damaged and plop them in.

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It's difficult to give more information without knowing what kind of plants you ordered, but I wanted to mention that the plants we buy are often a group of cuttings bundled or potted together.  Those can often be separated into multiple plants instead of planting as-is.

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