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First Used Tank--Reseal?


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I've been planning a 90 gal, and due to COVID distribution issues, none of the stores around here have them or are able to order them from their wholesalers.  So, I've been looking used, found a 95 for less than half the cost of new (if I could even get one) not too far away and went to pick it up today.  I've never done a tank this large, and I've never set up a used tank.  What should I watch out for? 

I'm planning on a thorough cleaning, and then it'll be a few weeks before I start working on hardscaping and add plants.  And then planning a few more weeks before fish go in so it can cycle.

Do I need to reseal it? 

It had water in it up until our pick up (still wet inside) and had no leaks.  That being said, it looks like some of the silicone has a couple bubbles/chips or is loosened on the edges in a couple places. I'd rather not go through resealing, but I'd sure much rather do it now than have it fail in a year or two.  I've included a couple pics of the areas I'm concerned about and would really appreciate opinions from anyone with experience evaluating this kind of thing.  I don't want to take shortcuts now and regret it later, but I also don't want to screw up something that's perfectly fine if I just leave it alone--so trying to figure out my best route here!





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