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Need help identifying this disease


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So this is actually from about half a year ago. I've since lost this guppy and two others to this same disease, all of them were females. 

What happens is they would at first get sluggish and not swim around too much. Then they would stop eating. Usually around when they stop eating they start developing red spots(see photo) on their body. It usually just starts with a tiny red spot but then develop into larger patches, like internal bleeding. I was also seeing one of them flashing. And eventually they would die, usually the whole process takes about 1 week.

I've treated this with salt and Maracyn 2, but neither made any improvement. After doing quite a bit of research on the internet i haven't find anything that matches this exactly, the strangest part was all the other inhabitants of that tank were fine, including the male guppies. So I was wondering if anyone here has any insight on what this could be and how to treat it. 


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I had something similar happen too.

If the bleeding is under the skin, this is probably septicemia which is either viral or bacterial in origin. If Maracyn 2 isn't working, you might want to try treating with a different antibiotic like Maracyn (Maracyn 2 and Maracyn target different types of bacteria). See the top post here.

The guppy that got this died for me shortly after showing the streaking (~1 week). I treated it with Kanamycin (per instructions), salt ("level 1" dosing), and methylene blue (1 tsp/gallon). After hanging in there for a bit, she dropped 3 fry and died. I did not see symptoms in any of the other guppies (the ones that didn't die at least...) that came with her, so the infectivity seems low, but the causative agent might be different in your case. 

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