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Hello from Barcelona


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Hi there! 

This is Joan from Barcelona, 32 years old who works on Datacenter IT department at Seat (Car manufacturer). Passionate about sports, cars and animals/plants. 

I've been for one year in this fantastic hobby and hope to maintain motivated for a lot of years to come. Love to take care of the 3 aquariums I have but also to share and learn about this infinite hobby. Thankful with many people who shared priceless knowledge on the internet and make the journey more interesting and safe for animals. Aquarium Co op, fishlore/plantedtank forums community... I've learn a lot and now I'm trying to help others with my little piece of experience.

Said that, now the content. These are my actual 3 planted tanks:

1) 7g with yellow fire Neocaridina and Celestial Pearl Danios. Anubias nanas, Vallisneria nanas, Ambulias and driftwood/moss on the back and limnobium. Love the effect with limnobium roots, cpds and shrimps seems also to love it:

2) 7g with blue sapphire/jelly shrimps and Chili Rasboras. Hydrocotyle japan on front, rock in center, micranthemum micranthemoides in the back and duckweed. Love the green effect and open view effect on this one. Everyone seems happy on it.

3) Third and the last, the 'big' one. It is a 44g long 'custom' made by a friend who work with glass. Had a community with Honeys/sparkling gourami, tetras, cherry barbs, peppered corys, otos.. Some weeks ago had a massacre that reduced population more than a half. Hard days but already doing forward to restock and doing better. About plants, different types of cryptocoryne in front,  java ferns and anubias on rocks/woos and Vallisneria/hygrophila siamensis on laterals and back. 

4) these are not fishes and plants but the lords of the house. They live better than kings! 

Here a video:







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Visca el Barça! ❤️ Hope we recover soon the brilliant football level, team building is the key.

Keep up with your youtube channel, had seen several of your videos, nice work! 

Thanks! IME most of community fishes appreciate cover and duckweed/limnobium are excellent N eaters (sometimes too much).

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