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Apistogramma agression


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Hello, this is my first time posting. Great to see this is here.

I wanted to see what all the hype is with dwarf cichlids and I got different species that I've put in my 40 breeder. It is lightly planted in a corner but has plenty of rocks and a decent size driftwood. The tank has been cycled.

In it I've added 2 skirt tetra, and about 10 ember tetra. It also had an apistogramma cockatoo and and agassizzi there has been some chasing and competition during feeding so far. I went to the conip and picked up a 1 more skirt tetra as they are a little agressive in a pair i was thinking I ought to get about 5 total, but they only had one that someone turned in. I also got about 5 more ember tetras.

Now here it looks like I may have made a mistake. I got an agassizzi (appears to be a male) and a pair of cockatoudie (m&f). I wanted to add these all to my tank, but am worried about aggression. I have the fish quarantined and am worried about keeping all these species in a community tank. Any thoughts on keeping different apistogramma species together?


I'm kind of embarrassed I didn't look into this a little more extensively. Thanks for the feedback




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There’s always some scenarios where things may work out. But Apistos all tend to align around the same lower-third of a tank for long periods of the day, and will invariably come into contact. If you see them sparring a bit at first, that may be just cichlids establishing a pecking order. However, if they’re fighting too aggressively, too constantly, and without dialing back after a few days, you’ll need a new home. 

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Ya, thanks for the responses. I woke up the following morning scouring my tank for the agassizzi and couldn't for the life of me seem to find him.


I eventually removed the intake spong for my hob filter and he was in there. He darkened up a good deal and was pretty beat up. He made it back to the co op with me all in one piece though!


I replaced those guys with a male/f redneck macmasteri. So far those two are getting along great.


Lesson learned


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