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Another help with planting post

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I purchased some plants last week and got them today in the mail! Thank you AquariumCoop! 

I was reading the link on how to plant plants from the website but couldn’t find the answer to my question.

I got 2 Monte Carlo

1 Amazon Sword

1 Moneywort

1 Water Sprite

1 planter

So I planted the Monte Carlos in the pot like the website suggested. I also planted the Water Sprite by removing it from the basket and planting it in the substrate with a weight thingy. 

My question is, what should I plant in the planter... Amazon Sword or Moneywort?

Thank you in advance! 

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1 hour ago, H.K.Luterman said:

The amazon sword should be fine. Make sure to give it some root tabs. It'll take a while to convert and establish, but with regular root tabs it will soon explode with leaves. 

Thank you very much! I put a root tab in so we shall see how it goes!

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