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DIY Box Filter, Large Capacity, and Super Easy

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Hey all, as most mornings, I spent this one cleaning filters and feeding turtles and fish. This morning I thought I might show off a filter I've been using for years. Mostly cause I think its cool...."nerd"....but also cause someone might could find it useful.20200807_104554.jpg.7873b063a648e1418d0cfe5e6e2c2996.jpg


Lee's mini critter keeper

Top fin small under gravel filter 

Plastic canvas



Super glue (gel type)

First I start off by trimming slats out of one of the under gravel tiles so I can latch the bell end of the tube to the center of it.20200807_104746.jpg.8b1db79a8b402e3c0acc22b1e177545e.jpg20200807_104812.jpg.529b886d224e083b1aa0284af20c31c0.jpg

Next I remove the clear plastic door off of the lid of the critter keeper. Then trim a piece of plastic canvas to fit it and super glue it in place. Making sure to cut out a center hole for the upright tube.1596813450940388499959048928919.jpg.bd1f4e95d5bc10949ffbad0e60b0d8bd.jpg15968134795354195183267956341041.jpg.ac62f43db2c9a0f8da9fdd76da9fefcf.jpg

(You can see on this one I kinda messed up centering the hole)

Now assemble, fill with media (i like lava rock and poly fill), attach and air pump and thats it you're done.

The under gravel filter kit comes with a standard air stone which clogs super quick, so i recommend replacing it with a no clog air stone from Aqurium Co-Op when you get a chance. 20200807_104831.jpg.e02a8ad6842208e60fbbe1be5359a127.jpg

These filters have about the same capacity as an aqua clear 70 and considering you can build 2 of them for under $40 including the air pump and media they're awesome. I've been using them for years with turtles (a lot of turtles) and fish alike.

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