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Trimming Jungle Val

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Hey all! Just a question about jungle val and how it grows. 

I'm trying to encourage it to grow over the back left to center in my 75, and it's been growing for several months. I've noticed that when I trim it, it seems to get... sad; the cut ends wither and die down to the roots. For a long while I let it just get long and cover the top, but it was getting out of control and not letting in hardly any light

I trimmed it again about a week ago, as I have heard that trimming encourages it to grow thicker. But the same shrively unhappiness is happening again. One clump (in the middle) seems happy though, and has grown some since the trim. 

What's your experience with jungle val? Do you trim yours regularly? Have you had this same problem?

Nitrates range from 20 to 40, and I use root tabs. No liquid ferts.




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I had an absolute jungle of it in my 30 high a few years back and I'd have to trim a foot or so every week or two with no trouble. Mine never seemed to mind the trimming. It did all melt away though when I added a Madagascar Lace plant to the tank. I recently bought more to try again and all but one plant melted away. The other plants in the tank are thriving though and the sole survivor is starting to grow and look good. Jungle Val is more than a bit finicky in my tanks/water.

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I have had it both ways. I'm not sure what is the cause, but I had some once that if I trimmed the leaves cause they were long it would melt back, and I've had others that I could trim all i wanted and nothing ever happened. 

What you can do to get it to fill in certain areas, when you notice runners forming with a couple little plants formed, don't cut them from the mother plant, but try to move them towards the area you want them to go. I've dont that before, when they started growing towards the front, I'll pull the little plants and runners up, then plant them where I want them, and they will continue growing that way. 

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18 hours ago, Mitch Norton said:

@Andy's Fish Den I’m curious why you said not to cut the runners? Is that only for the younger plants? 

If youy cut the runners, the mother plant will send out more in whatever direction it wants, or even start to regrow the one you just cut. If you leave it intact, it will continue to keep growing in whatever direction you move it to.

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