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Female Ember Tetra laden with eggs or is this Bloat or something else?

Ohio FishPlant Dude

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I have  well-established 55 gallon with a stable school of cardinal/ember phantom/glowlight/bloodfin tetras for over a year.

I feed twice a day( Extreme krill flake in the morn, frozen food...1 small cube... in the evening) because the cardinals seem to eat slower than the other fish.If I don't feed twice daily, I notice that the cardinals have 'sunken bellies'. Ember tetras are pigs, often out-competing other fish for food!

Lately, my female embers have all 'plumped up', one looks like a 'pregnant female guppy', she is so full.

Am I perhaps overfeeding or is it bloat? Are the females egg laden and ready to spawn? Or is this some 'tetra disease'?

Please look at the center fish(ember female)in the pics. All the other fish seem just fine! Even the heavy females swim/eat fine and are active pigs!






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