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Pleco Breeding Question


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Hi all and happy holidays! 
My plecos have spawned and I’m guessing it was on Dec 20th, as I found a few eggs kicked out of a cave my pleco is now guarding. I scooped up the discarded eggs and put them in a breeder box. The hatched on the 24th. However there’s no sign of the baby plecos in the coconut cave. The coconut has a hole at the top so I assumed a few daring babies would have escaped. The male is still guarding the cave, since December 20th. Question: should I let him do his thing or should I intervene and open up the coconut cave and see what’s going on?
This is their first spawn and I’m worried the male is fanning a bunch of nonfertile eggs. Also since he is on daddy duty he hasn’t eaten since the 20th, and I know he’s gotta be hungry. 
Thanks in advance for advice. 

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With you having a breeder box I’d take look but I’ve been known to be impatient sometimes. If you continue to spawn the plecos you may want to look into some pleco caves or watering spikes depending on what plecos you have. Caves or watering spikes seem to be a little easier to look into when looking for eggs. 

My male will sometimes sneak away and grab a couple of quick bites of food and dart back to his cave. 

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